Family Physician Leaders Meet at ACLF/NCCL

VAFP Leaders Attend the AAFP’s Annual Chapter Leadership Forum and National Conference of Constituency Leaders

Over 400 family physicians met in Kansas City April 27-30 for the AAFP’s Annual Chapter Leadership Forum (ACLF) and the National Conference of Constituency Leaders (NCCL).  Members from across the Commonwealth represented the VAFP at ACLF and NCCL.  This was the first time the events have been in person since 2019! 

VAFP President Neeta Goel, MD, VAFP President-Elect Dave Greagory, MD, First Vice President Dene Moore, MD and VAFP Second Vice President Tim Yu, MD attended ACLF.  ACLF is the AAFP’s leadership development program for chapter-elected leaders, aspiring chapter leaders, and chapter staff. Among other roles, ACLF functions as an orientation for emerging leaders who serve on chapter boards, as well as professional development for new and seasoned chapter staff. Drawing hundreds of chapter leaders each year, ACLF features targeted breakout sessions on chapter governance, advocacy, communication and much more.

VAFP members Kate DiPasquale Seeling, MD (Woman), Susan Osborne, DO (LGBTQ+), Rich Uribe, MD (Minority) and Tabatha Davis, MD (New Physician) attended NCCL to represent the VAFP.  NCCL is the AAFP’s leadership and policy development event for underrepresented constituencies.  NCCL serves as a platform for different perspectives and concerns of AAFP members to help bring about change. The five constituencies with representation include: Women, Minorities, New Physicians (in the first seven years of practice following residency), International Medical Graduates (IMG), from schools outside the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning (LGBTQ+) physicians or physician allies. At NCCL, physicians develop skills to advocate for issues that are relevant to specific constituencies, practices, the specialty, and patients.

On April 27th, the attendees of NCCL and ACLF were welcomed back to Kansas City at the Meet and Greet reception event.  On April 28th, an opening session and plenary with AAFP’s senior leadership provided updates on the Academy and addressed current issues of critical importance.  Following the plenary, the NCCL constituency delegates divided out into working groups and drafted resolutions to forward to the reference committees including advocacy, education, health of the public and science, organization and finance, and practice enhancement.  The evening of April 28th attendees from the VAFP joined leaders from the Uniformed Services, North Carolina, and Georgia chapters for dinner for a combined group of nearly 60 family physicians and staff.

Delegates to NCCL worked through the business of the meeting discussing 39 resolutions that were presented to the reference committees on Advocacy, Education, Health of the Public & Science, Organization & Finance and Practice Enhancement.  Resolutions from NCCL delegates focused on a wide variety of topics including administrative burden (credentialling, prior auth, coordination of care), DEI issues, transgender care, social determinants of health, workforce and pipeline issues, payment reform and much more.

Resolutions that are adopted are forwarded to the Board of Directors and assigned to appropriate AAFP commissions. Any resolution that is directly forwarded to the AAFP Congress of Delegates will be reviewed first by the Commission on Membership and Member Services.

Prior to the closing of the NCCL, voting commenced for the 2023 co-conveners, alternate delegates and delegates to the American Medical Association-Yong Physicians Section (AMA-YPS).  The 2023 NCCL is scheduled for May 9th -11th in Kansas City, MO. If you have an interest in attending, please e-mail so we can include your name for consideration.  For more information on AAFP NCCL, please visit