Mission & Vision

Virginia Academy of Family Physicians
VAFP Mission Statement

The mission of the VAFP is to empower its members to be physicians who provide high quality, accessible health care, dedicate themselves to the well-being of the people of Virginia, and are guided by the principle that the family physician remain the specialist of choice to guide lifelong health care. 

VAFP Vision Statement

The vision of the VAFP is for Virginia to be the best place for our people to receive their healthcare and for family physicians to practice medicine.

VAFP Core Beliefs – We Believe
  • That family physician-led health care teams are the foundation of optimal health care.
  • That the physician-patient relationship is at the center of good health care.
  • In the four pillars of primary care: access, continuity, comprehensiveness, and coordination.
  • That family medicine provides the best opportunity for high quality lifelong health care.
  • That every person deserves to have a family physician
  • In the elimination of health disparities and barriers to access to physician led health care for the people of Virginia.
  • That health care quality is an essential foundation of health care.
  • That family medicine is a fulfilling profession, and we value the professional and personal well-being of our members.
VAFP Strategic Focus
  1. Continuing Medical Education/Professional Development – To provide high quality, affordable CME.
  2. Governmental Advocacy/Legislation – To increase continuity, expertise, and participation within the Academy in the areas of legislation and advocacy.
  3. Practice Enhancement – To continue to promote, encourage, and educate our members on effective models of care and care delivery.
  4. Communication – To improve communication among members, future members, and patients through the use of conventional and  electronic media.
  5. Leadership/Workforce Development – To support our state medical students and state family medicine residency programs to ensure a consistent pipeline of knowledgeable, well qualified family physicians and family physician leaders.
  6. Operations – To ensure the VAFP is responsible and responsive to its members and its mission.